Clinical Outsourcing & Clinical Operations 2019:


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7th Annual Global Exchange Network

14th and 15th of November 2019, Berlin, Germany


The November Pharma Network - 3 Conferences in 1:

7th Clinical Outsourcing & Clinical Operations Strategies

5th Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics

5th LogiDays GDP End to End Global Pharma Logistics



Why consider joining the 7th Clinical Outsourcing & Clinical Operations:

1) Overcome the barrier of meeting Face to Face

2) Over 100 sales opportunities into global pharma companies

3) Sell your clinical trial services & solutions directly

4) Generate recognition, market awareness and branding engagement

5) Show case and illustrate your Unique Selling Points


Your audience at conference exhibition:

This includes decision makers and budget holders from clinical outsourcing & operations, clinical trial monitoring, clinical trial coordinator, R&D Procurement, clinical operations & oversight, CRO management, clinical trial innovation as well as medical directors, FSP management, clinical research, supplier auditors, clinical development among other key departments and individuals involved with clinical trial success in phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 among other phases.


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- Premier Research Group Ltd , provides clinical development services to biotech and specialty pharma companies worldwide. Its services include clinical monitoring, project management, clinical research, late phase (phase IV) research, data management, biostatistics, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, technology, strategic sourcing, interactive voice/Web response system, medical writing, and quality assurance. The company offers clinical development programs with a focus on addressing unmet needs in areas, such as analgesia, hematology/oncology, neuroscience, pediatrics, cardiovascular, medical device and diagnostics, and rare diseases.


Premier Research is not about being everything to everyone. Instead, our deep, focused expertise targets the therapeutic areas and indications where today’s biotech and specialty pharma pioneers are doing the most amazing work. We’re 1,000 employees strong and operate in more than 20 countries, delivering unmatched expertise, operational skills, and dedication to meeting customers’ most challenging needs.


Premier Research Group Ltd. was founded in 2002 and has locations in United Kingdom, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Spain, Ukraine, and the United States.


Over 10,000 qualified tissue specimens available for use by public and private research organizations. All diseases and organs - selectable based on your needs.



MEDIPATH collects, stores and gives access to a vast selection of biological pathology samples via its tumor bank: France Tissue Bank® Specimens & Data. MEDIPATH has been granted authorization for specimens sourcing activity by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (“Authorization No. AC-2016-2707”

Over 40 pathologists from 9 different sites Over 500,000 files including 25,000 diagnosed cancer cases per year Over 50 healthcare institution partners Over 5,000 connected clinicians 1st French facility accredited NF EN ISO 15189 by Cofrac. Accreditation No. 8-3052, scope and sites available on Participation to recognized, independent, French (AFAQAP) and international (UK-NEQAS, QCMD) quality programs/surveys Member of the panel of experts on rare diseases of the French National Cancer Institute (INCa)


With more than 200,000 tissue/ biopsy specimens and more than 300,000 liquid cytology specimens characterized each year, Medipath provides a biobank of biological tumor samples (tissue, slides, pap smears) for a wide range of organs and diseases.


France Tissue Bank® Specimens & Data A database containing more than 10,000 FFPE pathological and normal tissue specimens (primary tumors and metastases, inflammatory diseases) from all organs and diseases A wide range of liquid-based cytology specimens Two data types: raw biological pathology material or characterized by our pathologists Data stored and provided according to applicable regulations


WHY usinG France Tissue Bank® Specimens & Data? a Our CONFideNtiaLitY regardiNg • Personal information (data privacy agreement, anonymized specimens, secured data system) • Your research activities (non-disclosure agreement, contracts between interested parties: material transfer agreement (MTA) or collaboration agreement) a The QuaLitY of the specimens and related data (implementation of good practices, indicatorbased quality control of all processes) a aCCeSS to biological pathology resources a Our reSpONSiVeNeS

Dryce provides a complete line of insulated packaging solutions, from single-use to re-usable ones. Dryce solutions are best performing in all the temperature ranges, from negative to room temperature. Our PCMs rely into two families, the bio-based vegetable oils (+20°C/+5°C) and the gel-water-based ones (-23°C/0°C/+5°C). We project, test and make both standard and customized solutions, delivered to Life Science Products and Clinical Trials.

Aquila Triventek has manufactured and supplied dry ice cleaning and production solutions since 2003. The company’s threefold product program consists of:


• Blasting equipment

• Pelletizers

• CO2 Gas Recovery units


Gas recovery has traditionally been a luxury reserved for large dry ice manufacturers, due to the equipment’s size, expensiveness.


AQUILA TRIVENTEK uniqueness resides on making CO2 Gas recovery technically and economically feasible for small and medium sized production plants.


The company is based in Denmark, and it delivers dry ice solutions worldwide through a well-established network of distributors and agents.


Across many decades Aquila Triventek A/S has gained a reputation for innovation, our Dry Ice Production solution is utilized across the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.  The PE80 Pelletizer is a revolutionary solution for all Pharmaceutical professionals concerned with time and temperature controlled transport and storage.  PE80 is the simplest and most cost effective solution for Dry Ice production, you can produce your own dry ice when you need and as much as you need at the lowest cost possible.


PE80 is now in use by many pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies globally




Company name: Aquila Triventek

Address:  Industrivej 9

Town:  Noerre Aaby

Country:  Denmark

Postcode:  5580




Primaco is highly specialized in providing cold-chain transport services under cGDP for leading global pharmaceutical companies while adhering to the strict standards based on internal QMS certified by ISO & IFS. Apart from having extensive experience in contracting all types of road, sea & air transport services through a network of its offices and partners, Primaco owns an ADR-compliant Frigo Fleet of 95+ vehicles in order to be able to ensure best possible quality & control during sensitive & high-value goods transport for its key Clients. In rendering its services, Primaco relies on modern technologies like an in-house developed GPS Tracking System, has experience in applying different active & passive transport solutions including Cool Containers & thermal blankets, consults Clients in all their transport-related needs and assists them in tailoring the best possible solutions available. Primaco is a reliable pharma-transport partner with more than a quarter of a century experience in CEE & SEE and a modern Fleet equipped according to the highest standards.


Globalworx GmbH


Globalworx GmbH is the German’s frontrunner for the Advanced Monitoring Solutions, Regulated Internet of Thing and Supply Partner Selection. We know the ins and outs of the GDP industry and understand the everyday challenges our customer may encounter.


We manufacture and distribute reliable, secure and cost-effective monitoring solutions and assist in implementing them.


We believe in wireless Bluetooth® Technology because of time saving and errors reduction


We supply Real-Time Monitoring that you always know where and how your property is


The TEMPegg® you can read everywhere either by smartphone or by diodes or using your PC, even in extreme conditions such as wilderness, forest or high sea because they are independent of GSM or GPS


The reading is utterly simple and requires no training. Therefore, it is easy to change the system with no additional costs


You do not need to search for TEMPegg®, because they will find you due to permanently sending connections signals.  This is very important while receiving the new stock in your warehouse


And in case of excursion, just upload the monitoring results on your company cloud or into your company ERP, having only one instead of many systems


And in case you want it, remember, USB is old, and Bluetooth is new, but the price is for TEMPegg® the same