Over 10,000 qualified tissue specimens available for use by public and private research organizations. All diseases and organs - selectable based on your needs.



MEDIPATH collects, stores and gives access to a vast selection of biological pathology samples via its tumor bank: France Tissue Bank® Specimens & Data. MEDIPATH has been granted authorization for specimens sourcing activity by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (“Authorization No. AC-2016-2707”

Over 40 pathologists from 9 different sites Over 500,000 files including 25,000 diagnosed cancer cases per year Over 50 healthcare institution partners Over 5,000 connected clinicians 1st French facility accredited NF EN ISO 15189 by Cofrac. Accreditation No. 8-3052, scope and sites available on www.cofrac.fr Participation to recognized, independent, French (AFAQAP) and international (UK-NEQAS, QCMD) quality programs/surveys Member of the panel of experts on rare diseases of the French National Cancer Institute (INCa)


With more than 200,000 tissue/ biopsy specimens and more than 300,000 liquid cytology specimens characterized each year, Medipath provides a biobank of biological tumor samples (tissue, slides, pap smears) for a wide range of organs and diseases.


France Tissue Bank® Specimens & Data A database containing more than 10,000 FFPE pathological and normal tissue specimens (primary tumors and metastases, inflammatory diseases) from all organs and diseases A wide range of liquid-based cytology specimens Two data types: raw biological pathology material or characterized by our pathologists Data stored and provided according to applicable regulations


WHY usinG France Tissue Bank® Specimens & Data? a Our CONFideNtiaLitY regardiNg • Personal information (data privacy agreement, anonymized specimens, secured data system) • Your research activities (non-disclosure agreement, contracts between interested parties: material transfer agreement (MTA) or collaboration agreement) a The QuaLitY of the specimens and related data (implementation of good practices, indicatorbased quality control of all processes) a aCCeSS to biological pathology resources a Our reSpONSiVeNeS